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We invite you to discover why Jalisco is the best place to invest in Mexico.
Our state is well known worldwide as having high quality infrastructure, an innovative economy, an excellent business environment and exceptionally qualified human capital
Jalisco is the birth place of tequila and mariachi. Guadalajara, its capital city, is home to Mexico’s thriving high tech industry, placing it as the leader in Latin America. More than 2,600 foreign companies of different industrial sectors have invested in the state.
Jalisco has been a key place for the development of productive sectors such as agriculture, food processing, furniture manufacturing, footwear, textiles, and jewelry. The same can be said of the information and communications technology industry, one of the state’s most important industries. 
Jalisco is home to manufacturers of highly-complex electronic devices and automotive parts. We also specialize in added value services (BPO, ITO, KPO), aerospace engineering, aeronautics, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, multimedia, and software companies.
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